Colombia Poultry Export Quota, Inc.

Auction Postponed

The Fourth auction, scheduled for September 7, has been postponed due to an ongoing HPAI ban affecting US poultry imports to Colombia, including chicken leg quarters. COLOM-PEQ will inform you about a new potential date for this auction as soon as there is an update on the status of the ban.


Colombia Poultry Export Quota, Inc (COLOM-PEQ) is a not-for-profit Delaware corporation formed by the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) and Colombia’s Federación Nacional de Avicultores (FENAVI).

COLOM-PEQ’s sole and exclusive business is (1) to conduct an open tender process as a means of allocating shares to the highest bidders, among participating persons or entities incorporated or domiciled in the United States, of the tariff-rate quota for poultry products as agreed between the United States of America and the Republic of Colombia as part of the Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA); (2) to distribute the proceeds of that open tender process to support the operation and administration of COLOM-PEQ, and (3) to distribute remaining funds to USAPEEC and FENAVI for the purpose of funding market access, market promotion, educational, capacity-building, scientific and technical projects for the benefit of the U.S. and Colombian poultry industries.


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